Global Connectivity for Brands

Global Connectivity for Brands

Turn connectivity into a customer relationship anytime, anywhere

Global service providers need global solutions to connect with billions of consumers who are increasingly mobile and wanting to be connected.

Global connectivity offers you clear advantages – the greatest is being everywhere your customers are. But the cost and complexity of managing mobile services through hundreds of network operators makes offering true global connectivity hard to justify – as the business case is just not there. And it is worse when customers are traveling abroad. The need for connectivity is greater, but so is the cost and difficulty to connect – a real dilemma for brands.

So is it possible for a service provider to connect with consumers on a global scale in a manner that is efficient, cost effective and allows the brand to completely own the user experience?


Teleena: A better way to achieve global connectivity

Teleena is a leading mobile virtual network enabler, with an industry-proven advanced mobile service platform and unique build-and-operate capabilities. We build and manage your mobile services, putting you into the mobile marketplace with 24/7 global reach and complete control of user access and experience.

Our SmartSIM technology can be embedded into mobile devices, downloaded to the device or offered on a SIM card to deliver true Global Mobile Data services. Through our global roaming partnerships, we can connect you to consumers in more than 200 countries over 450 networks, with 3G or higher speeds.

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We live and breathe the AGILE mindset

In the dynamic mobile marketplace, you have to adapt quickly to changing environments, anticipate competitor moves, keep innovating, contain costs, and continuously create business value.

That’s why the Teleena team keeps close contact with customers and stakeholders, always working to shorten development cycles, make deployments transparent, learn and continuously improve. We strive for balance between innovation and operational control, so all of the services we design and deliver are right on target and perfectly manageable.

Teleena is your business partner in mobility

We leverage dozens of successful deployments worldwide to create business opportunity for our customers.  We’re a young company doing big things. That is why Teleena is a global leader in managed mobile service solutions and one of EMEA’s fastest growing technology companies.

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