Mobile Enterprise Solutions

Mobile Enterprise Solutions

Free your employees while protecting corporate assets 

Nearly every business today has employees that work outside of the office.  Some even build their business model around a mobile workforce.  Mobility enables flexibility, boosts efficiency and increases customer responsiveness – all contributing to the bottom line.

Enterprise mobility does not come without challenge. Outfitting employees with company-owned devices offers great control, but can be expensive.  Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has been a compromise solution – allowing companies to enable mobility – but the tradeoff has been more complex and costly integration and support schemes, and increased risk to company data security.

We have a better way for businesses to go mobile…

Teleena is a leading mobile virtual network enabler, with an industry-proven advanced mobile service platform and unique build-and-operate capabilities. We build and manage your mobile services with a complete portfolio of advanced mobile services and technologies, that …

Protect your network and data assets with end-to-end mobile security
  • Dedicated enterprise access point name (APN) enables your own private IP tunnel to your corporate LAN
Lower cost and optimize services with custom corporate bundles
  • Create mobile bundles with voice, data and SMS messaging; flexible platforms allow you to configure services across the whole company or by division
Reduce administration time and cost by eliminating individual employee contracts.
  • Empower your workforce to be mobile, without sacrificing control or running up costs
Manage your mobile costs with real-time charging
  • Control mobile spend across the entire company or by business unit or team
Extend your corporate PBX seamlessly to mobile devices with Automatic PBX to Mobile Routing
  • Never miss a call; access full PBX functionality (call management, voicemail, directory), reduce management and service costs 
Streamline service activation and improve cost management with Telecom Management Portal
  • Web-based dashboard enables fast provisioning, plus mobile call statistics by department for accurate cost allocations

We live and breathe the AGILE mindset 

In the dynamic mobile marketplace, you have to adapt quickly to changing environments, anticipate competitor moves, keep innovating, contain costs, and continuously create business value.
That’s why the Teleena team keeps close contact with customers and stakeholders, always working to shorten development cycles, make deployments transparent, learn and continuously improve. 
We strive for balance between innovation and operational control, so all of the services we design and deliver are right on target and perfectly manageable.

Teleena is your business partner in mobility

We leverage dozens of successful deployments worldwide to create business opportunity for our customers.  We’re a young company doing big things. That is why Teleena is a global leader in managed mobile service solutions and one of EMEA’s fastest growing technology companies.

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