Teleena is now named Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V.

Following Teleena’s recent acquisition by Tata Communications, we have some important news to share. Now that Teleena is part of Tata Communications, the name of our business changed too. From January 28th, 2019 onwards we are named Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. We are excited about the new opportunities that being part of Tata Communications brings for our customers to capture, move and manage information worldwide through borderless, secure and scalable connectivity.

IoT Services

Making IoT Simple

History has shown people keep making the same mistakes by building new technology next to the old and creating silos. Managing IoT devices scattered across isolated platforms and networks has become an operational nightmare.

We at Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. think differently – we simplify things so that you can concentrate on your core business, instead of having to manage IoT technologies. We created the world’s simplest solution to manage all your IoT devices on one single management portal. That’s how IoT should be, working simply for you.

MVNE Services

Making Mobile dreams come true

Whether you’re a large enterprise and want to expand your brand with a customer loyalty program or an MVNO that wants to leverage an untapped niche market, partner with Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. to succeed in the mobile market. Our specialized and flexible platform will support whatever creative approach to the market you’re planning, without limitations or disrupting your existing business.