In this quick demo, we will show how easily you can deploy devices and start building your own IoT solutions, using Teleena’s IoT platform. We will show you how you:

  • Can connect your device to the internet
  • Connect it to an application
  • Start streaming data and visualize it in customizable dashboards

With our data flow builder, using drag-and-drop, you can connect your device by creating a straightforward and stable flow. All of this can be done in a matter of seconds and without writing a single line of code.

For this demo we will use the feed of a device with multi-sensors, detecting: temperature, C02 levels, and humidity. We will create a digital twin that generates a two-way communication, checks the devices and translates the data into usable information, so you can easily start monitoring and managing your devices from anywhere at any time.

We will use the information of our digital twin to start building customized widgets in just a few clicks. First, we will add a map to show the location of our device. Next, we will add the temperature, C02 levels, and humidity. For each, we will set low and high values, and define ranges and thresholds.

It’s that simple!