Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, 12 October 2012

BRUSSELS – A number of European Full Mobile Virtual Network Operators (Full MVNOs) have come together to form the European Association of Full MVNOs (EAFM). The EAFM was created by its six founding members Liberty Global, NRJ Mobile, OMEA Telecom, Teleena, Telenet, and Transatel, to represent the interests of companies active on European mobile markets and independent, in terms of ownership and control, from established mobile network operators (MNOs).

Teleena, the leading provider of innovative services to Mobile (Virtual) Network Operators, today announced the appointment of Philip Macridis as its Chief Executive Officer. Philip has been appointed to enhance the growth trajectory of Teleena and to benefit the global opportunities in mobile business. He succeeds co-founder and CEO Timo Smit who will focus on strategic business development.