World’s Simplest Solution to Connect and Manage Your IoT Devices and Subscriptions

Today, IoT devices are scattered across isolated platforms and networks, making IoT hard to manage and scale. IoT data is spread across several platforms preventing a consolidated IoT business view. Millions of dollars are lost due to un-optimized pricing provided by multiple service providers. This reduces operational efficiency and hampers business growth.

Our IoT Suite is the world’s simplest solution for end-to-end IoT management. It provides IoT connectivity management, device management, business data automation and subscription management on a single portal for your devices connected through any wireless network. With our IoT Suite you can get one IoT subscription with global coverage for your devices.

Our ultimate IoT simplification suite reduces operational costs, automates your IoT processes and unlocks the full potential of your IoT business.


Our IoT Suite is built up from 4 components!

Each of these can be used in isolation but obviously, bring a lot more value when used as a well-integrated suite.

IoT Suite


Simplest management for all IoT connections and technologies

IoT Connect provides a single portal for managing all your IoT connections. It enables aggregation of subscriptions and connections of any service provider onto a single management portal, streamlining your operations, reducing costs and unlocking the growth of your IoT business.

IoT Suite


Worldwide coverage and competitive rates with one IoT subscription

IoT Coverage gives you an IoT subscription to one of the world’s largest IoT connectivity areas. Your one IoT subscription enables local roaming on more than 600 networks in over 190 countries with competitive rates! Stop the hidden costs of connectivity and administration of multiple service providers!

IoT Suite


Single portal for IoT device management and business data automation

IoT Control provides device management and business data automation for the lifecycle of your IoT devices. It simplifies your IoT management by aggregating third-party management systems onto a single portal. Reduce cost, increase efficiency and unlock your business growth through a single portal to all your IoT management!


IoT Suite


Flexible monetization for IoT services and connectivity

IoT Charge allows enterprises to monetize their IoT services via flexible support for various business models and charging capabilities – based on user activity, content, subscriptions and event-based pricing models.

IoT Charge is on our roadmap and will be developed shortly. Contact our IoT Experts to learn more.