World’s Simplest Solution for Managing IoT Connections of any Service Provider on a Single Portal

When your IoT devices are connected through different technologies and service providers all over the world, managing them through isolated portals becomes an operational nightmare, it increases your costs and slows down business growth.

IoT Connect is the simplest solution providing you a single portal for managing all your IoT connections and subscriptions, regardless of the connectivity technology or the service provider.

All Your Connectivity Management on One Portal

One portal to existing IoT Management Systems

to have one single access to all your IoT connectivity management systems

Display Device Information

as one data set regardless of the networks they are connected to

Unified set of management functionalities

for all the connections, regardless of the underlying management system.

All Connectivity Technologies Managed

From 2G, 3G and 4G to low power NB-IoT and LTE-M, and Sigfox and LoRa in the near future.

Proactive Connectivity Fault Management

enables to automate alarm triggers before problems occur

Remote Connectivity Configuration

Send SMS commands to a single or group of devices i.e.: reboot

Connectivity Configuration

IoT Connect provides remote device configuration via SMS or through SIM configuration commands, enabling quick problem-solving without site visits.

Customizable and Secure IoT Management

IoT Connect provides several configurable levels of access for different user groups such as end-user self-service, distributor and service provider. The visual look-and-feel can be customized for all levels. Our management solutions comply with the ISO27001 information security management policy.

Benefits of IoT Connect

Reduce Operational Costs

through streamlined connectivity management

Unlock Growth

by tearing down IoT management silos

Maximize Customer Value

Through world’s simplest usability and better insight into your IoT connections and business

Start using IoT Connect today!

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