World’s simplest solution for managing IoT Devices and Business Data from a single portal

An IoT business platform, where devices must be managed using several isolated systems is not going to meet the demands of the highly competitive IoT markets. Devices spread across several management portals increase operational costs. Data divided into several silos doesn’t provide concise business views. Multiple parallel platforms slow down scalability.

IoT Control is the simplest solution for device management and business data automation for the lifecycle of your IoT devices. With one portal, it shows all devices on a single view and unifies a set of management capabilities for all devices, regardless of the underlying IoT platforms and networks they are connected to.

Device Management and Business Data Automation

IoT Control is built up from 2 components: 


IoT Device Management

IoT Control-Insight provides remote device management functionalities covering the entire lifecycle of your devices.


IoT Business Data Automation 

With IoT Control-Grail you can create automated IoT business data

IoT Device Management

Managing Devices’ Lifecycles

Via IoT Control-Insight you can manage the entire lifecycles of your devices from registration, configuration, software management, alarms, etc.

Automatic Device Registration

A device is automatically registered and ready to be configured after its ID has been entered.

All Management on the Same Tab

to all the device’s management capabilities, information, settings, alarms and data.

Software Life-cycle Management

Provides one location to store device software, firmware and configuration files including version management, phased update rollout and rollback.

Configurable and Automated Alarms

Devices raise alarms at four different importance levels for devices or device groups when predefined trigger events are set off.

Customizable Dashboards

by using widgets to display and filter the device and/or sensor data in the way that best suits your needs.

Certified Device Catalog

Save valuable time by using open source libraries

IoT Business Data Automation

Increase Efficiency through Automation

Via business data automation within IoT Control-Grail you can create and manage automated IoT business data customized to your needs.

Easy Drag-and-Drop Data Creation

By the drag-and-drop editor you can easily customize your data by combining functional process nodes and your actual collected data, alarms and events.

Benefits of IoT Control

Streamline IoT management

via one view to all devices

Unlock Growth

by tearing down IoT management silos

Increase Efficiency

through customized and automated IoT data

Reduce Costs

by combining all IoT management systems onto a single portal

Start using IoT Control today!

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