Worldwide Coverage and Competitive Rates With One IoT Subscription

Every day IoT companies lose millions of dollars in hidden costs due to multiple connectivity service providers and un-optimized price plans. Administrating contracts is a fulltime effort, which increases operational costs. Additionally, it leads to multiple stock-keeping-units for a single product, thus prohibiting you from achieving economies of scale.

IoT Coverage provides you just one IoT subscription with optimized pricing for the whole world. With IoT Coverage you can put a stop to the hidden costs of multiple connectivity price plans and enable single stock-keeping-unit globally.

IoT Subscription with Competitive Worldwide Rates

IoT Coverage provides one of the world’s largest device connectivity areas through its global cellular footprint covering more than 600 networks in over 190 countries.

Global Coverage through Flexible Numbering

Our large portfolio of IMSI ranges enables roaming locally, regionally and globally. We are one of the holders of the 901 number range, specifically reserved for M2M devices.

Local Access Points Connected at the Speed of Light Worldwide

Global coverage is built on direct connections to mobile network operators through roaming agreements, Our roaming hub and multiple local, fiber-interconnected PoPs across the world.

All Telecommunication Settings on One Tab

IoT Coverage allows the owners of devices and SIMs to manage the telecommunication settings of their device fleet, such as roaming networks, Access Point Name (APN) addresses, and mobile network restrictions such as Quality of Service parameters for 3G and 4G data. The network status can be viewed to determine the current APN and MSISDN for connections that are using Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. and third-party connectivity.

Benefits of IoT Coverage

Reduce Connectivity Costs

through always optimized price plan

Avoid Administrating Costs

due to contract with several service providers

Maximize Coverage

by a single subscription covering the globe at the speed of light

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