IoT Drives the Global Manufacturing Efficiency Leap

Manufacturing industry invests in IoT the most of all industries, twice as much than the second largest vertical market, transportation. For manufacturers, IoT brings vast revenue opportunities and efficiency gains and enables them to serve their customers better than ever before.

IoT Enables Gains in All Areas of Manufacturing

Digitalized and connected factory

More efficient facility and asset management

Lower risks through protected assets and improved safety

Higher operations and logistics efficiency

Deeper customer and product life-cycle understanding

Higher reliability and performance of products and services

High-value predictive field services

The Unsolved IoT Challenges Slow Down Manufacturing Evolution

Manufacturing companies have been able to solve many of the common IoT challenges, for example, to enable asset and process monitoring. However, still today the most demanding issues remain unsolved, which increase costs and slows down growth.

Contracts with several connectivity providers lead to multiple stock-keeping-units for a single product, thus prohibiting manufacturers from achieving global economies of scale.

Every day manufacturers lose millions of dollars in hidden costs due to multiple connectivity service providers and un-optimized price plans. Administrating contracts is a fulltime effort, which increases operational costs.

Design, development, and manufacturing of IoT electronics require large investments and long lead time. And, producing small volumes result in a high unit cost.

Simplifying the Industrial IoT

Our IoT Suite provides manufacturers a single management view on all their assets even if scattered across multiple IoT management systems, and connected through different service providers’ networks.

Complex IoT technologies won’t delay IoT product launches anymore. Our IoT Suite provides an end-to-end IoT capabilities straight from the cloud enabling manufacturers to plug the global IoT on their products and quick-start IoT business!

To simplify the hardware development, Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. IoT ecosystem gives manufacturers access to pre-integrated hardware platforms, designs, and products with embedded connectivity and management. By avoiding re-inventing the wheel, manufacturers gain faster time to market with less costly bill of material.


The Benefits of Simplified IoT

Reduce Operational Costs and Unlock Growth

by aggregating isolated management systems and networks.

Speed Up Time to IoT Market

Simply plug the global IoT on your products and launch!

Increase Operational Efficiency

through simplification of IoT management

Reduce Hardware Costs

Don’t reinvent the wheel, capitalize on ecosystem partners

Avoid Hidden Costs of Connectivity

via one global IoT subscription and competitive rate

IoT Suite

Learn More About our IoT Suite, Global Connectivity and Hardware Ecosystem


Simplest management for all IoT connections and technologies


Worldwide coverage and competitive rates with one IoT subscription


Single portal for IoT device management and data automation


Flexible monetization for IoT services and connectivity

Reference case

Learn How we Simplified IoT for a Manufacturer of Climate Management Solutions

One of Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V.’s IoT customers, an innovative manufacturer of Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) systems wanted to revolutionize their after-sales management and support service. Read how we guided this customer through the whole innovation process in order to transform their HVAC systems into a connected solution.