IoT Improves Efficiency and Monetization Possibilities in Fleet Management

For fleet management, delivery logistics, and transportation industries, IoT is the fast track to higher delivery accuracy, lower transportation costs, and reduced carbon footprint.

Asset tracking when combined with universal connectivity and other IoT data gives fleet management companies a possibility to fully streamline and re-innovate their business models, supply chain, and operations. Now logistics processes and trip planning can be orchestrated into automated and integrated flows, which can handle unexpected scenarios quickly in an optimized way.

IoT Opens Fleet Management Companies a Faster Growth Track

Increase Revenue

• Re-innovate your services • Develop New Business Models • Monetize through New Pricing Model

Reduce OPEX

• Optimize Logistic Processes • Save Resources and Fuel • Minimize Asset Loss and Delays

Reduce CAPEX

• Speed Up IoT Launch • Reduce Development Costs through Ecosystem

Increase Competitive Advantage

• Get a Head Start for Your Optimized Service • Increase Delivery Accuracy

Complex IoT Technologies Still Off-setting the Business Gains

Still today, the most demanding IoT issues in fleet management remain unsolved. Fleet management is all about managing constantly moving assets, which cross borders and switch networks. Because the tracking devices roam through multiple connectivity technologies and networks, fleet management companies have ended up with multiple isolated device management platforms. This results in cumbersome management, high operational costs and slowed down business growth.

Making Fleets Simple to Manage

Our IoT Suite provides fleet management companies a single management and tracking view on all their assets even if scattered across multiple IoT management systems and connected through different service providers’ networks.

The fleet management companies looking for fast IoT launch don’t have to waste time on complex technologies anymore. Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V.’s IoT Suite provides end-to-end IoT capabilities straight from the cloud. It simply enables the companies to plug the global IoT into their fleet assets and quick-start the new IoT business!

To simplify the tracking device hardware manufacturing, our IoT ecosystem provides access to pre-integrated hardware platforms, designs and tracking devices with embedded connectivity and management. Avoiding re-inventing the wheel enables faster time to market with less costly bill of material.


The Benefits of Simplified IoT

Reduce Operational Costs and Unlock Growth

by aggregating isolated management systems and networks.

Speed Up Time to IoT Market

Simply plug the global IoT on your products and launch!

Increase Operational Efficiency

through simplification of IoT management

Reduce Hardware Costs

Don’t reinvent the wheel, capitalize on ecosystem partners

Avoid Hidden Costs of Connectivity

via one global IoT subscription and competitive rates

IoT Suite

Learn More About our IoT Suite, Global Connectivity and Hardware Ecosystem


Simplest management for all IoT connections and technologies


Worldwide coverage and competitive rates with one IoT subscription


Single portal for IoT device management and data automation


Flexible monetization for IoT services and connectivity

Reference Case

Learn How we Simplify Worldwide Pallet Tracking

An innovative global pallet company, one of Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V.’s IoT customers, wanted to track their pallets easily and without having to switch batteries during the pallet lifetime of more than 10 years. Traditional solutions such as GPS tracking is very energy intense technology and hence not an option for the customer.

We offered insight of where their assets are located and international tracking of all their assets for a subscription fee each month. For our customer, it meant that they were no longer a manufacturer of pallets, but they became a track and trace Service Provider for their distribution partners.