If you have a SIM-card with a Dutch number and a SIM-card with a number of another country, Teleena can combine them into a multi-country SIM, which is one SIM-card with 2 numbers. We can merge two countries into one, which is eliminating roaming, international costs, both for you and the ones who call you. This is how it works:

If you have a mobile user, for example in the Netherlands, that is using a multi-country SIM, this person will call the Netherlands locally. The people who get called, will see a Dutch number on their display. To return the call, they can use that same local, Dutch number. So far nothing new, but here it is! This mobile user also has, for example, friends and family in Suriname. When this particular user calls from the Netherlands to Suriname, he/she can also call locally. And friends and family will see a Suriname number on their display. When they return the call, they can dial the local, Surinamese number. They don’t have to call an expensive, international number anymore. When this mobile user will actually visit Suriname, it will work exactly the same; no roaming and no international calls. So, no matter in which of the two countries the user and his friends and family are, calls are always at local rates. The same goes for text messages and data. So, if you have a target audience, that wants to make local phone calls in and between 2 or more countries, Teleena has the solution.