Conquer the mobile market

At Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. our specialized and flexible platform will support whatever creative approach to the market you’re planning, without limitations or disrupting your existing business.


Flexible affordable MVNE options

The best value for your investment

We offer high-quality solutions and services without hidden fees and deliver them on time and on budget

Choose only the MVNE services you need

Choose from our comprehensive services to support your complete lifecycle of mobile customers

Differentiate and stay ahead of the competition

We’ll make sure your MVNO is aligned to your market strategy by providing a flexible platform that makes it all possible, without limits

Award-winning time-to-market MVNE

We will make sure you can enter the mobile market as fast as possible with the highest quality of services

Achieve mobile marketing success

Whether you’re a large enterprise and want to expand your brand with a customer loyalty program or an MVNO that wants to leverage an untapped niche market, partner with us to succeed in the mobile market. Our specialized and flexible platform will support whatever creative approach to the market you’re planning, without limitations or disrupting your existing business.

You need a partner that truly understands the mobile market and can offer high-quality services at low starting costs, so you can explore new opportunities and fully invest in a well-designed marketing strategy. Because the success of your new mobile business depends on convincing potential customers to choose your mobile services over your competition.


We set you free to achieve your mobile dream

Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. is your one-stop solution and ideal business partner. We set MNOs and MVNOs free from obstacles so they can quickly and easily get to business in the mobile market. We’ll fully manage your operations and technical aspects of the mobile platform so you can focus on what matters most: the marketing and commercial aspects of your business. And we can even help you with those needs too.

You need the most relevant and up-to-date range of products to meet mobile market developments and increase your market share and position. That’s why we’ll discuss all market trends with you to help make your marketing strategy a success. We do all of this without disrupting your existing business and systems.


Tailored solutions to help you launch on time and on budget

Choose Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. as your strategic partner and launch your mobile services in weeks instead of months. We symbolize flexibility because we know how critical it is to provide an MVNE platform that can meet all requirements of MNOs and MVNOs. Our experts have more than 10 years’ experience helping businesses worldwide to successfully launch new mobile opportunities. And we can do the same for you.

Our range of highly scalable services span the entire mobile spectrum from core networks to business support tools. We offer 2G/3G/4G mobile access to 660 networks in more than 190 countries and 57 million global Wi-Fi hotspots.

When you partner with Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V., you’ll get world-class, end-to-end, self-managed services to suit your budget. We’ll design a strategy to match your desired approach the market, so you can be as creative as you want and focus on developing and executing your marketing strategy.