End-to-End IoT Capabilities Straight from the Cloud

If you want to concentrate on making your IoT a global success, instead of wasting time and money on IoT technology, our IoT Suite provides you with end-to-end IoT management capabilities and global connectivity, straight from the cloud!

Our IoT Suite provides you a faster time to revenue as you simply plug the global IoT on your products and make them connected and managed everywhere in the world.

Key Functionalities and Advantages

Provides one portal with all the management capabilities you need for your IoT, including device, subscription and connectivity management.

Equip your devices with our global IoT subscription – The only subscription needed to get worldwide coverage with competitive rates

Enables you to combine all your wireless connections of any service provider onto one portal for simplified management.

IoT process automation provides a simple way to create custom business processes by combining the collected data, alarms and events from your devices.

The end-to-end IoT capabilities are provided straight from the cloud to ensure fast implementation with low ownership costs.

IoT Suite

Plug Global IoT on Your Products and Make a Market Head Start!

This Is How You Can Build Your IoT End-to-End Solution


Simplest management for all IoT connections and technologies


Worldwide coverage and competitive rates with one IoT subscription


Single portal for IoT device management and data automation


Flexible monetization for IoT services and connectivity

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