Simplified IoT Management

When your devices are scattered across multiple isolated IoT management platforms and service providers, our IoT Suite aggregates all your devices onto one single portal, regardless of the management platform and network they are connected to. IoT aggregation gives you one unified set of management functionalities, available with a single view on all your devices.

Streamline your operations and unlock IoT profitability growth by aggregating all your devices onto one single portal!

Key Functionalities and Advantages

Our IoT Suite combines your existing device management platforms onto a single portal and provides a unified set of management functionalities for all your IoT devices.

No matter which service providers’ networks your devices are connected to, our portal provides a single management portal for all of them

IoT Suite supports management of all the key cellular network technologies and the low power wide area networks of any service provider.

It provides ready-made API connectors to several globally used IoT management platforms. Connectors for new platforms are easily created for you!

Our IoT process automation provides a simple way to create custom business processes by combining the collected data, alarms and events from your devices.

The IoT aggregation solution is provided straight from the cloud, which ensures fast implementation with low ownership costs.

IoT Suite

Stop Wasting Resources – Combine Your IoT Onto A Single Management Portal!

This Is How You Can Simplify Your IoT Management


Simplest management for all IoT connections and technologies


Worldwide coverage and competitive rates with one IoT subscription


Single portal for IoT device management and data automation


Flexible monetization for IoT services and connectivity

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