About Tvilight

Tvilight is a European market leader in professional end-to-end lighting control solutions. The company specializes in outdoor sensors, wireless lighting controls, and connected lighting management software for outdoor applications.

Tvilight helps cities worldwide to optimize the energy use, slash infrastructure maintenance costs, and benefit from cutting-edge connected lighting networks. The company has an installed base of more than 100 projects and has deployed over 10,000 intelligent devices in critical infrastructure and iconic cities around the world.

Tvilight smart street lighting solution

Tvilight’s street lights use sensors to register movement; based on tracked activity lighting will be adjusted accordingly. Large numbers of lights communicate with each other through a small and secure Wi-Fi network, and the data is then aggregated at a gateway. The gateway is connected to a software platform, which can be managed by municipalities. Municipalities can, for example, apply settings such that lights will be dimmed during off-peak hours and will only light up when there is a pedestrian, cyclist or car in the street. If no movement is registered, the lights remain dimmed. The municipality of Texel, the largest and most populated island in the Netherlands, is a great and leading example of using smart street lighting. The island is using over 3500 intelligent wireless devices to let the island stay dark wherever possible and only illuminates where required, saving the island lots of energy and restoring its natural night sky.

Tvilight’s software platform can also be used to send immediate notifications when a light fails, so municipalities can take action only when necessary instead of preventive replacement of lighting which otherwise would have had a longer lifetime.


The challenge

The connectivity of the gateways is delivered via SIM cards. Initially, when Tvilight was mainly operating nationally, the company was using one provider for all SIMs. Now, due to the company’s international expansion, more flexibility is necessary. However, worldwide roaming comes with a batch of administrative and technical challenges that are not easy to solve by using the capabilities of typical GSM network components. Take for example the hassle of managing multiple network providers and price plans. Additionally, imagine replacing the SIMs of thousands of gateways if the company decides to switch network providers. Furthermore, Tvilight is using very comprehensive software for which the SIM usage and operations need to be monitored.


The solution

Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. can offer the flexibility Tvilight needs. By providing Multi-IMSI cards the company can use a single SIM anywhere in the world, making international roaming possible at competitive rates. This is saving the company the significant effort required to manage multiple network providers and price plans. It also provides Tvilight  with comprehensive worldwide coverage.

The cooperation with Tvilight also inspired Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. to develop IoT Connect, which provides a single portal for managing all IoT connections, regardless of the connectivity technology or service provider. Supported connectivity technologies range from 2G, 3G and, 4G today to low power NB-IoT and LTE-M, to unlicensed Sigfox and LoRa in the near future.


The benefits

Tvilights’ solution leads to an extended lifetime of street lighting and lowers energy consumption, which provides municipalities with a more cost-efficient way to manage their cities. Municipalities can reduce the amount of money spent on electricity, as well as the amount spent on maintenance of lighting. They can also assure safer streets by well-lit environments for pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers.

By using our SIMs, Tvilight can rely on a connectivity provider that makes sure that data around the globe is constantly synchronized to their management platforms at competitive rates, which municipalities depend on to manage their cities and street lighting.


Teleena IoT Suite

Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V.’s connectivity and IoT Connect are part of our IoT Suite, the world’s simplest solution for end-to-end IoT management. It provides IoT connectivity management, device management, business process automation and subscription management on a single portal for your devices connected to any wireless network. With our IoT Suite you can get one IoT subscription with global coverage for your devices.

Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V.’s ultimate IoT simplification suite reduces operational costs, automates your IoT processes and unlocks the full potential of your IoT business.

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