Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, 09 July 2014

Computaris, an R Systems business, leading outsourcing, BSS technical consultant and system integrator in the communications industry, is proud to announce a new project win: a complex Intelligent Network (IN) replacement project for Teleena, one of the leading Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNE) in Europe. Teleena has a portfolio of more than ten MVNOs that provide innovative services – based on Teleena’s own Mobile Cloud Platform – to a worldwide mobile ecosystem looking beyond the standard offerings.

Teleena’s legacy IN includes functionalities such as IN SCP (Service Control Point), SMS routing, rating and charging (OCS). Due to continuously adding new MVNO specific services the existing IN platform became more complex and grew year by year into a full-service platform. Teleena specifically wanted to unify its platform in order to be prepared to address new requests coming from MVNO’s faster and cost-effectively and to reduce operating costs. Therefore Teleena added new state-of-the-art technology – on top of their existing legacy IN – from OpenCloud JAIN SLEE and Computaris.

Computaris is now delivering a solution on top of that from OpenCloud JAIN SLEE which covers all existing functionalities but in an improved and more flexible form, allowing Teleena to launch new services seamlessly and more effective and cost-efficient.

The solution includes the following components:

  • IN SCP based on OpenCloud Rhino Telecom Application Server and OpenCloud Sentinel, hosting functional modules responsible for real-time call control logic.
  • Complex SMS Platform that includes SMS-Router as well as SMS Storage, which is also based on OpenCloud Rhino Telecom Application Server.
  • Integration Layer based on Apache Camel, acting as provisioning platform for IN service data and OCS data, for both subscribers and MNOs.
  • USSD/SMS Self Care solution, responsible for processing balance inquiry, top-up and other self-care requests generated by individual customers.
  • Multi-tenancy Voucher Management System (VMS), responsible for production and life-cycle management of vouchers used for recharge of subscribers’ accounts.
  • MySQL Database Cluster, storing all subscription profile information.

The new IN platform will enable Teleena to easily and cost-effectively launch new services, attract the most successful MVNOs, help them become even more successful and create profitable business partnerships with MNOs. And with Teleena’s recently launched Global Mobile Data Service (GMDS), the improvements made will also accelerate its go-to-market proposition and services enabling any mobile device manufacturer, machine-to-machine(M2M) service provider, or brand to act as a virtual global mobile operator, connecting cellular mobile devices to hundreds of mobile data networks globally.

About Computaris

Computaris, an R Systems business, specializes in system integration, BSS technical consultancy and software development for software vendors and communication services providers (CSPs). Computaris offers telecom expertise in the area of real-time rating and charging, messaging, provisioning, mediation, subscriber data management, mobile broadband data policy management, loyalty and churn management. For more information please visit: