For many entrepreneurs, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a way to gain a significant advantage and take leadership in an increasing, competitive market, by transforming its nature from a dome machine into a smart device that reacts to its environment and that looks, hears, feels, talks and communicates with the world around it. This also leads to improved processes, based on current and changing customer needs. The device turns from being a product into a service with a profitable business model to boot. But how does it work? How is it build? How are devices managed? Etc.

Many IoT suppliers focus just one area, such as connecting a device, building the service, managing the service or billing for the service. As a consequence, you have to make many choices and get different vendors to work together towards a seamless solution. This leads to a comprehensive and procurement process, that requires a lot of time and effort, and is sensitive to errors. You have to purchase business intelligence from company A, billing and charging from B, and doing platform infrastructure with C. Combining the four elements makes a competent IoT solution, that will improve business processes, enables new service-based business models, and gives your business an significant advantage over the competition.

That’s what Teleena has to offer: a connected suite for a connected service. All elements are brought together without the hassle and with all the advantages in a one-stop-shop convenience. It is an optimized combination with a decreased time-to-market. That is why, when you think of IoT, you immediately go to Teleena. Together we build solutions for you and your clients in order to improve business processes and profit.