Nieuwegein, The Netherlands, 22 February 2016

Teleena partners with French infrastructure and network supplier Kerlink to enhance its in-house build OSS-BSS platform

Teleena’s Hybrid 3G/4G – LoRa solution live

Teleena has been enabling companies with IoT ambitions to provide connected solutions since 2007 with a portfolio of products and services and currently operates more than 1 million devices globally. By partnering with Kerlink, Teleena becomes one of the few operators with an in-place hybrid (3G/4G – LoRa) solution that supports a broad range of IoT solutions for their customers (MNO’s, OEM’s, IoT service providers). According to Teleena’s CEO Timo Smit: “Our carrier and technology agnostic IoT service platform provides, next to global data connectivity, SIM and device management, also telco-grade end-user billing services and self-care portals.”

Partnering with Kerlink

In order to have a full stack of 3G/4G and LoRa connection options, Teleena has chosen premium LoRa™ Infrastructure and network supplier Kerlink as their first partner. Both Teleena and Kerlink started discussions about future possibilities to combine their strengths for further deployments in the IoT area. CTIO Yannick DELIBIE of Kerlink believes: “‘that by combining Teleena’s and Kerlink skills and knowledge a lot of companies will be able to achieve their ambitions against reasonable cost and with maximum ROI within months.”

Savings with Teleena’s hybrid solution

Mic-O-Data was one of the first customers that signed up for using the new hybrid solution. For their waste container project for the Municipality of Den Bosch great savings in both the use of battery and deployment of garbage trucks will be achieved. The solution also supports Mic-O-Data’s new commercial model “pay per waste dump”. CEO of Mic-O-Data Tim Blömer: “By using the flexible solution of Teleena we expect to have a long-term solution for waste management for Cities whereas the end-user pays for disposing of their garbage by using a card that opens up the waste bin. By adding LoRa communication to the inbuilt module it is also an eco-friendly solution whilst batteries can be used much longer.”

Mobile World Congress of Barcelona

At the upcoming Mobile World Congress of Barcelona, Mic-O-Data will proudly demonstrate the use of the hybrid solution at Teleena stand J20 (Hall 5) using LoRa Technology from Kerlink.

About Teleena

Teleena is a global IoT and MVNO enabler, headquartered in the Netherlands, with regional offices in Serbia and Singapore. Since its foundation in 2007, Teleena has been enabling companies with IoT and Mobile ambitions with a broad portfolio of products and services.

Teleena aims to allow its customers to seamlessly connect with all mobile operators worldwide and help them to realize all their mobile connectivity and IoT ambitions. Either to unleash new business, to grow revenue or to reduce costs.

Teleena service portfolio spans the entire IoT/Mobile spectrum from the core network (SIMs, GGSN/PGW, OCS/PCRF, HLR/HSS) to business support tools (Management Portal and APIs) in a highly scalable way. Teleena’s roaming agreements provide 2G/3G/4G mobile access to 660 networks in more than 190 countries, as well 57 million global WiFi hotspots, LoRa and Sigfox network connectivity.

About Kerlink

French company based in Rennes, and founder member of the LoRa™ Alliance, Kerlink is a worldwide provider of network infrastructures and services dedicated to the Internet of Things for operators. As part of its R&D expertise, KERLINK has developed & released a full range of products dedicated to the Internet of Things based on Semtech’s LoRa® technology.

About Mic-O-Data

Mic-O-Data is a Dutch-based technology company specialized in design, build and maintenance of wireless solutions. One of their specialties are solutions for the waste management industry. Mic-O-Data is currently working with thirty Dutch municipalities to secure 10,000 collection points for waste and measurement of waste streams.