The consumer world is shifting from selling products to delivering services. This shift, from a product to a product-service economy, also impacts more traditional industries such as electronic device and equipment manufacturers. Business customers are becoming used to “as-a-service” or “pay-as-you-use” offerings. This demands a radical change of business model for device manufacturers. The choice is to adapt now or become obsolete in the longer term.

The goal

One of our customers, a manufacturer of Heating, Ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) systems, chose to adapt immediately and wanted to offer a post-sales management and support-service for their products, for which they had 2 key objectives:

  1. Offer best-in-class, personalized customer experience to their customers. This requires remote monitoring and control of their HVAC’s in order to deliver real ongoing value, on-demand fulfillment, and maintenance, anywhere at any time.
  2. To manage the operational business process of connected HVACs. This includes assembly, logistics, distribution, and now also connection and installation of a global product service. This required centralizing their existing professional systems.

The challenge

The challenge for this manufacturer was to transform from a reactive to a pro-active service model, for which the ultimate outcome was to operate a predictive service maintenance model. This transformation of the business and service model was an important one. Therefore, this manufacturer planned to set up dedicated units that would be responsible for the sales and management of each connected HVAC product. Each unit would handle customers in multiple countries, with multiple telecom providers, multiple SIM cards, price plans and invoicing. This required a user-friendly portal in order to manage all their customers across multiple markets. Without a portal, imagine the logistics just to get the right SIM card with the best pricing into the right aircon, connect globally distributed aircon to the Internet, and monitor and manage each connection. Not to mention that units also require the ability to activate/deactivate SIM cards and implement firmware updates, etc.

Therefore, Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. guided this customer through the whole innovation process in order to transform their HVAC systems into a connected solution. We helped to offer their consumers, partners, and resellers, smarter, better and cheaper services.

The solution

In this case, the solution was a centralized, dedicated portal with multi-level governance, enabling multi-network SIM and connectivity module management, plus 24-hour monitoring of devices and aggregated billing (in multiple currencies). Connect and Control of our IoT Suite form the basis for just that.

Within Connect, the global connectivity network is managed with (EDR/API) interfaces into all the mobile operators. This includes SIM ordering, fulfillment and lifecycle management.

Control handles all the device management for the connected HVAC’s . HVAC’s can be monitored and controlled individually using the automated business flow editor, with sensor parameters applied which trigger alerts when limits are exceeded, e.g. when the outflow temperature surpasses a set value. HVAC’s can be managed in groups, allowing updates, e.g. firmware, to be uploaded in bulk.

Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. delivers solutions that offer better insights and allow better decision making. The next step is predictive maintenance based on analyzed patterns, where unusual behavior is recognized and flagged as a potential fault. This will allow pre-emptive maintenance to be scheduled in before the HVAC breaks down.


The benefits

Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. offers an end-to-end IoT solution. Manufactures get a service solution that otherwise would need a significant investment in people, organizational capabilities, hardware, and software. Our IoT Suite delivers all the functionality needed for manufacturers with a connected strategy. We allow you to innovate faster. No need to evaluate what connectivity, cloud, data management or native app to use, an end-to-end solution is ready to use today. Collect your real-time user feedback and HVAC diagnostic info now.