All businesses lose in average 10 – 15% of their company assets. It goes without saying that companies can improve their performance significantly if this percentage will be reduced. However, as business processes are becoming more complex, it is also becoming more difficult to monitor and control your company assets 24/7. With Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V.’s IoT solution for Transport & Logistics, we can track and trace all your business assets across the globe and present them in a single view, no matter where they are and on which network they are connected to.

The challenge

For one of our customers, a manufacturer of patented ruggedized shipping pallets, it was important for their business to easily track their pallets anywhere and at any time. Contrary to ordinary wooden pallets, that can only be used once or twice, their pallets can be re-used for up to 10 years. Therefore the inherent value of their pallets is higher and the location is not only important to reuse it for other jobs, but also for billing purposes.


The solution

The solution that we offered this customer, was built upon the following elements: wireless mobile connectivity that only connects once a week with our back-end systems. Wireless connectivity has been chosen, as the customer indicated GPS tracking was not an option for them, as it is very energy consuming. With Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V.’s solution, the customer got the necessary information about the location of their pallets. By using Geo-fencing for alarming, the customer gets notified when a pallet is leaving a certain predefined area. IoT Control is able to display this information in a customer-friendly way.

This concept can be distributed for many more use cases, concepts and services regarding asset management. We can track and trace all your business assets across the globe via IoT Connect and present them in a personalized dashboard via IoT Control. Our hardware partners for the trackers can guarantee a long lifespan battery.

Anywhere, anytime insight of where your assets are located and international tracking of all your assets for a subscription fee each month. For our customer, it meant that they were no longer a manufacturer of pallets, but they became a track and trace Service Provider for their distribution partners.

The benefits

Tata Communications MOVE Nederland B.V. offers an IoT Suite that contains all the integrated ingredients and functionalities to rapidly design, build, run, service and bill a track and trace solution. You can monitor your assets real-time using dashboards,  generate alarms (e-mail or SMS) when your assets are leaving or arriving at a specified area (geo-fence), and present all the information of the traveled route(s) of your assets on a map. This solution can also be customized with other sensor data, like temperature, humidity, light, etc. Therefore it is also usable in use cases with perishable and fragile goods, animals, plants, etc. These custom sensors and devices can be developed through our partners. All the data on status and diagnostics are also available through API’s to integrate into your existing IT and planning systems.

For this specific customer, it meant that they were able to introduce a new use and re-use commercial model, as they got the tooling to locate their pallets in the most efficient way.